Measure more
than grades.

As an administrator, give your school an eportfolio platform where students & educators can showcase & track their learning journey.


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bulb empowers schools to succeed

Digital portfolios

Why schools & districts love bulb

  • Seamless integration with our LMS
  • Expedited rostering
  • Simple district-wide implementation
  • School administrator portfolio dashboard
  • Secure privacy, no ads or data mining
  • Streamline digital tools & resources
  • Create hands-on PD training
  • Evaluate classrooms & educators
  • Equity in access
  • Student ownership of learning

School Administrator Portfolio Testimonial

bulb connects
students, teachers,
schools & families

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Digital portfolios

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implementation in
3 easy steps

We can have your school or district up & running in a matter of days. Sit back, relax, we got this.

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