May 13, 2020

Using bulb Digital Portfolios to Capture Student Process & Learning at Village Tech

Using bulb Digital Portfolios to Capture Student Process & Learning

Secondary Education

Village Tech uses bulb digital portfolios as an assessment tool to capture evidence of student process and learning in their mastery-based assessment model.

Village Tech, a public charter school in Duncanville, TX, believes their students should be given authentic experiences to think, create, design, lead, serve and work together. Teachers and students work together at Village Tech to cultivate character, design real challenges and establish authentic community. The three C’s – character, challenge and community – form the foundation upon which students learn who they are, learn things that last, and learn they belong.

Village Tech uses bulb Digital Portfolios to encourage students to document their learning in many different mediums including write-ups, photos, videos, audio clips, interactive graphics and more. During their senior year, portfolios are also used to secure internships and assist in the college application process.

“We want our students to be well developed in character, challenge and community. We believe it is important for students to know who they are first and understand what they are a part of next, so that when they do their work they understand themselves and their belonging in a way that allows them to be effective.” —Village Tech Schools

Village Tech has a 5-part portfolio structure:

1. “Who I am” | Helps students know themselves through reflection and goals.
2. “Where I am” | Allows students to clarify their roles and gain a sense of belonging.
3. “How I do what I do” | Documents student learning and success.
4. “Beautiful work” | Gives students a place to showcase their best work.
5. “Senior Odyssey” | Gives graduating seniors the opportunity to build a portfolio for professional documents such as their resume, cover letter, and internship experience.

By using digital portfolios, students view reflection as a powerful tool in both their learning outcomes and in their professional development.

“Documentation is not about what we do and how it’s done, but how we go after what we are searching for.” – Neimah J, 11th Grade Student

“My online portfolio allows me to have a way to professionally show all of my work and experiences to future jobs.”

Ashley A, 11th Grade Student Tweet

See how Village Tech is using digital portfolios:

Check out their annual event, Forge On, where students at every grade level share their educational journey and present their research, design process, innovative solutions, prototypes, and learning outcomes. Take a look at the event through their bulb portfolio.
And check out some of the student portfolios from Village Tech:

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