5 ways bulb can help you start the school year off right

5 Ways bulb Can Help You Start the School Year Off Right

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bulb is a workspace where users can collect and store information, curate ideas and create knowledge and then share and showcase that work with an audience. So how can you use bulb to set you up for success this school year? Explore our best 5 tips for the start of school.

1. Use bulb to introduce yourself to your students and parents

bulb is a beautiful, organized, and easy-to-use platform that supports all types of multimedia. This makes it a great place to create a Meet the Teacher page and share important information with your students, parents, and team. You can share photos and videos to paint a picture of your personal and professional life, and even record a video or audio introduction just for the page.

Bulb supports over 1,900 types of media, from ThingLinks to Spotify playlists, so your creativity has no limits. Additionally, you can easily host and share informational content like a class syllabus, curriculum overview, or semester schedule, all in one central location.

Explore Template: Educator Profile Template

Explore Example: Educator Profile Example

Educator profile example

2. Use bulb as a communication tool

Newsletter example

Many educators use bulb as a place to house class newsletters. By keeping all your newsletters in a single collection, parents can quickly locate the current edition or browse previous editions to find the information they’re looking for. This method is much more organized than sending out newsletters as separate emails doomed to be buried in crowded inboxes, or attempting to hard-code a newsletter section onto the school website.

To create a new edition, you can simply copy the page from the previous edition, update the content, and voila! Not to mention bulb’s user-friendly formatting which allows you to effortlessly style your text and add media to create delightful pages in no time.

Explore Template: Newsletter Template

Explore Example: Newsletter Example

3. Capture your goals in bulb

bulb is an excellent space to track your professional journey and growth. Start by cataloging your professional development goals in a blub page or collection. Then, create a plan of action to progress towards these goals regularly. You might assign each goal to a certain day of the week and set aside time on those days to advance your knowledge and skills related to your goal of the day.

Once a month, document your progress with evidence and reflections to see how you’re progressing over time. This step is key, not only will it keep you on track, but reflecting on your growth will provide motivation to keep working towards your goals.

Explore Template: Goal Setting Template

Explore Example: Goal Setting Example

4. Organize your lessons & templates in bulb collections

Newsletter example

Users love how easy it is to organize their work in bulb. Use bulb’s collections to categorically organize your lessons and templates. bulb collections are drag & drop so arranging your pages and sub-collections is always a quick and simple process. This allows students, parents, and other educators, to effortlessly browse your content to find what they’re looking for. Keeping assignments and class information in one easily navigable central location makes finding information easy so you and your class can focus on what’s important.

Explore Template: Collection Template Explore Example: Collection Example

5. Connect with your students

Building relationships with your students and helping your students get to know their classmates is an essential part of the beginning of the school year. You can use bulb groups as a digital bulletin board where the class share vision boards or about me pages with each other.

Try encouraging students to leave one question on five classmates’ pages to create dialogs. Kids today are no strangers to socializing online; imagine if your students channeled the energy they spend on social media towards sharing their academic work and goals with their peers! Additionally, this is a great way to maintain the important social element of learning in a hybrid or remote learning environment.

Explore Template: Vision Board Template

Explore Example: Vision Board Example

Set yourself up for a year of success

With a bulb digital portfolio, your school year can be more memorable and more successful than ever before. Just follow these quick and easy steps to craft and curate a unique look at your personal and academic growth and then share it with the world.

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5 ways bulb can help you start the school year off right.

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