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August 05, 2019

10 Resources to Help Students Find the Career of Their Dreams

We’ve curated a list of resources to inspire, guide and prepare students for their career pursuits. And with the new school year approaching, it’s the ideal time to update your CTE lessons. Here are 10 CTE resources to help your students land the opportunities of their dreams.

1. Research current, national job market trends with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to prepare your students for careers in demand and jobs with the highest pay. 

2. Your students may not know, or know exactly which career is suited for them. Encourage students to search career fields with My Next Move with as little or as many keywords as they’d like. 

3. If students (understandably) have no idea what career path to pursue, try Career Key to help them choose based on their personality.

4. Onet Online thoroughly explains responsibilities of every job position. Explore this site with your students, and give them a better understanding of how exactly to prepare for their ideal occupation. 

5. STEM career offers advice for STEM students⁠—like ideal colleges to attend, a list of internships and scholarships to consider. 

6. Ultimately, your students will need to stand out to get the job. So of course, we list bulb. The best way to build a competitive edge is to build something greater than a traditional resume, a digital portfolio. 

7. To create the best modern resume, start your students with these tutorials

8. Use these inspirational high school student portfolio examples to create new lesson plans, or advise students to take a peek. Perhaps they’ll resonate with other peers or find ideas that sparks their interests. 

9. Here are a few digital portfolios specific for college admissions

10. Reflect growth and well being with bulb for continued success and learning. Digital portfolios identify strengths and weaknesses; thus capitalizing on skills, overcoming weaknesses and discovering your student’s fullest potential.

Explore the Resource Center for more helpful resources. Or contact us to set up a demo. 

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