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December 11, 2019

Colleges Across the Nation Are Requiring Digital Portfolios for Admissions

Each year more schools and districts require high school students to curate a body of work that showcases competency, soft skills, individuality and ability to work in groups.

So far, across the nation:

  • 80+ colleges, including top Ivy League Schools, have joined The Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success to replace the common application with a more thorough representation of the student (Inside Higher Ed).
  • 40+ high schools have formed the California Performance Assessment Collaborative to award students “Certificates of Mastery” for various soft skills (Inside Higher Ed).
  • At least six AP courses require AP digital portfolios for credit. Visit College Board for more information on how and where students submit their portfolio.

Digital portfolios, or ePortfolios, have been required by design colleges. But now, students applying to any college should create a digital portfolio to stand out from GPAs and test scores. Colleges and universities are inviting, and even expecting, students to attach an ePortfolio to their application. It shows extra effort, student grit and unique interest in the school.

Eportfolios show a student’s whole picture, their soft skills and connects their learning across subjects. Students should create a digital portfolio early in their academic careers. That way, educators can deliver personalized curriculum and help each student find their most suited college or career path.

An ePortfolio enhances the work students are required to do, benefits their college application and helps leave a memorable impression to decision makers. Digital portfolios support both schools and students. The evidence is in the growing movement.

See how bulb Digital Portfolios can help you tell your story:

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