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April 22, 2020

Giving Students a Competitive Edge in the Graduate Job Market with bulb

Secondary Education

After a successful 600+ student trial, Study Group partners with bulb to give students across their entire network the advantage in the ever-changing graduate employment market.


The leading provider of international education, Study Group, realized their students need a platform where they can display their employable skills alongside their academic studies, in response to the ever-changing global graduate employment market.

Working in partnership with bulb, Study Group decided to embark on a trial that equipped over 600 students at a UK International Study Centre (ISC) with digital portfolios. After a successful trial period, where the value of digital portfolios was apparent, bulb was deployed across their entire student network.

An all-in-one solution

bulb is a multipurpose tool. Students can use it day-to-day to complete school assignments, take notes, and organize their work in one place. They can also use it to build a dynamic, multimedia resume that not only tells employers about their skills but shows employers what they’re capable of.

Study Group knows their students are more than just a number in a grade book, and digital portfolios are the perfect tool for students to evidence their learning journey and extra-curricular achievements.

A tool for reflecting and curating experiences

Students use bulb to document and showcase their interests, skills, passions, and hobbies. bulb keeps their work archived, so they have the ability to see past projects and reflect. Reflection is a key practice for every student. It helps them identify areas to improve on, inspires them to keep learning, and tracks progress over time. It gives students a better understanding of themselves inside and outside of the classroom, revealing how they learn. A consistent effort to document and reflect compounds over time.

“Digital portfolios enable our students to record personal reflections and identify their own strengths and areas for development.”

A dynamic competitive advantage

A digital portfolio gives students a competitive advantage because it shows evidence of their skills. When applying for a job, it might be difficult for some students to summarize their knowledge or explain their drive. Even during an interview, the opportunity for students to show the employer a project that they’re proud of, their exceptional ability to organize, or their creative potential, is often missed. With a digital portfolio, students have the platform to do that.

Study Group’s students are ambitious and come from diverse academic backgrounds. bulb is customizable to each individual and their story.

“This partnership ensures our ISCs continue to support and develop students’ skills for success, future plans and meet the demands of the modern workforce.”

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