How Digital Portfolios Help Students Explore Career Paths

Author: BSA Developer

Educators have one of the greatest challenges— to prepare students for success in a future too technical and unpredictable for any one of us to determine. So, how, under these circumstances, do we ensure success for our students? 

We give them the right tools. 

The most relevant resources in education are the ones that help students discover their passions and design their career. The right tools inspire students to enjoy learning, to try harder, to develop goals and attain them. By giving our students the best resources, we’re giving them every opportunity to succeed. 

So, what tools do our students need to achieve their dreams? 

A digital portfolio is required by the Federal Perkins guidelines for CTE students. However, all students should be encouraged to use a digital portfolio, for it is one of the most accurate representations of a student’s successes and potentials for college applications, freelance or career opportunities. It leaves an impression like no other and goes beyond a resume or a test score. Digital portfolios, in our ever so competitive market, is competitive advantage and perhaps the single deciding factor between your student and others. 

But of course, we believe bulb is the best digital portfolio option. Why? 

Agriculture Career

Experience, explore and showcase career interests in a multitude of ways. If your student is a great speaker, writer, illustrator, bulb supports multimedia and the different avenues students perform. For example, Megan Coleman created a collection to document gardening and pre-agriculture work.  

Document every step of anything—hobbies, passions, academic achievements, processes, etc. In the midst of it all, see where talents, passions and strengths collide to better understand career options, and yourself. Rocky Mountain High School student Caroline Schulze kept her engineering designs in bulb. She’s continuing her work at Oregon Institute of Technology.

Demonstrate an entire lifetime of learning. With unlimited storage on bulb, the possibilities are endless when organizing and creating content. Thus, CTE students have the ability to reflect. refine and realize their capabilities when striving to meet life goals or explore careers.

The best way to confront the unknown future is to feel confident in the journey towards it. And the best way to do that is to give our students bulb digital portfolios. Because as educators, it is one of the most rewarding challenges to help our students thrive. 

So, let’s set them up to succeed with bulb. 

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