Measure more than grades

Give your school a platform where students & educators can showcase & track their learning journey. Witness growth, learn about passions, showcase excellence, & so much more.

96% of teachers said that using a DP with their students had an effect on their teaching.
79% of teachers stated that DPs changed how or how much their students learned.

The International Journal of ePortfolio

89% of teachers said that using DPs with their students was important.

Designed for a Lifetime of Learning

A powerful, practical, lifetime tool

Measure competency

Your students are more than a test score. bulb helps them showcase their best selves beyond GPA.

Maximize your tools

Save time, streamline the learning, & increase efficiency by seamlessly integrating bulb with your LMS & all other edtech tools.

Top notch security

Control privacy & sharing permissions for your school. bulb never mines or sells your information & is FERPA & COPPA compliant.

K - life

bulb follows students & educators from year to year, a lifetime tool. No other digital portfolio can do that, or capture vertical growth like bulb.


Purchase bulbEd for your students and your teachers and parents are free. 

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Learn how one district implemented bulb district wide.

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