Creating Custom bulb Cover Images

Example of a custom cover photo.

Graphic design aficionados – bulb now allows users to hide titles on their cover images so you can design your own custom titles for your pages and collections! Creating custom titles for your cover images is a great way to add a personal flare to your bulb profile and show off your design chops. In this blog post, we’ll go over the best practices for utilizing this new feature so you can start making your very own designs.

Hiding Titles

In order to hide bulb’s native titles on a page or collection, you will first need to navigate to that page or collection. Click on the three-dot menu icon to the left of the “Share” button. Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Hide Title,” the third option down. This will hide the title and can be undone at any time.

Hide title location

We’ve created a cover image template that you can download using the links below and drop into your favorite graphic design program. We recommend using the AI file for Adobe Illustrator or the SVG file for other programs, but there are PDF and PNG versions available if necessary.

In this template, you’ll notice there are two sets of red and blue lines. The red lines represent the browser view for a page on a standard large (1400px) and small (1024px) laptop. The blue lines represent the browser view for a collection on a standard large and small laptop. Additionally, there is a green box that represents how the image will be displayed on a tile within your profile.

Make sure your design takes up the full template, past the outer red lines, and place your title and primary imagery within the green box. This will ensure that these elements are visible on a multitude of browsers and within tiles. You can test a mockup of your design by placing it into a draft version of your page or collection and using inspect elements to view it in different browser sizes.

Example of inspect elements

Design Suggestions

First, you’ll want to consider whether you intend to have a unified style across all pages and collections or take it one design at a time. If you do plan on having a unified style, think about what you’d like that style to be and how you might create variants of it. Next, choose what colors, imagery, and style will best reflect you and the subject matter of your page or collection. There’s nothing wrong with taking to a search engine or social media platform for inspiration, just as long as you don’t plagiarize someone else’s work. Once you’ve thought through your plan of action, it’s time to get designing.

Image of custom cover image

Use the template to structure your design so it displays properly on browsers across a multitude of laptops and desktops. You can use any program you’d like, or even use a physical medium then scan and digitize your design! Your file settings and export settings should reflect the original dimensions of the template and allow for RGB color mode to ensure high quality.

Make sure to consider legibility when creating your design. The title should be large and utilize an easy-to-read font. It should also stand out from the background in terms of color and texture. Look at your design through the scope of accessibility; just because you can easily read it doesn’t mean everyone can easily read it. Here’s a dyslexia-friendly style guide and a color blindness simulator to help guide you.

Go Forth and Design

Now you can get to designing your own custom cover photos. Let your creativity run wild and show off your design skills for all to see! Whether you’re creating connected designs for all of your pages and collections or just a single design for a single page, a custom cover photo helps make your bulb profile more you.

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