How exactly do you pull off a virtual career fair? Look no further than at Beaumont ISD, who successfully hosted a K-12 College Career & Military Readiness Virtual Fair using the bulb platform. They were able to gather their community across the region to bring students new opportunities, even during remote times. Here’s how Beaumont ISD successfully hosted a virtual career fair.

They had a dedicated introduction collection explaining to students, parents, employers and teachers how to attend the virtual career fair, along with other useful information about the event.

In this collection, attendees will find an embedded ‘Welcome’ video, a flyer explaining how to use bulb to attend the fair and how to collaborate with peers on the platform. They made all the information accessible to multilingual and deaf/hard of hearing families. 

“When researching virtual options for Beaumont ISD’s College, Career & Military Readiness Fair (CCMR Fair), Bulb Digital Portfolio provided the options we were looking for in a virtual platform.  The CCMR Fair is a district-wide, K-12 event, where the objective is to introduce students to different professions, explore various colleges & universities, familiarize students with CTE programs in BISD, offer information regarding military opportunities, and provide resources about employment or workforce development.” – Eva LeBlanc | Coordinator of Business & Industry

They created a collection for each topic in the career fair. Within each collection, students can explore more information about STEM and careers.

Here’s a look at their collections/topic areas. As you scroll through the images, you’ll see a preview of the pages and work within each collection. Click here to explore the entire collection.

“To meet the needs of our students and community, we wanted a virtual event that would be available for more than one day, while providing easy access. Access to the virtual fair is available at any time, from any device with the web URL. The ultimate goal with a virtual option was to provide continuous availability of resources and information about CCMR topics through the end of the school year.” – Eva LeBlanc | Coordinator of Business & Industry

They collaborated with corporations and employers across the region.

Hosting a virtual career fair boasts just as many opportunities for students, if not more, since businesses anywhere – like Exxonmobil – were able to join in using the bulb platform. Colleges and businesses created their own bulb pages and submitted them to the Beaumont team, who then added these pages to the career exploration collection.

They curated take-home resources for attendees.

Just like an in-person career fair, where attendees walk away with piles of flyers, Beaumont ISD ensured virtual fair attendees walked away with the useful information for students and families to succeed. The additional resources can easily be downloaded and found in bulb too.

Because the bulb platform is so intuitive, allows users to fully customize organization layers, and free to use for any one, schools can get creative and host a virtual career fair that works for them. Beaumont ISD shows us one way to be successful. How will you host a virtual career fair on bulb? 

“The bulbapp team walked with us during our virtual journey to develop an online event.  The bulbapp IT department was excellent in providing insight, training, and help.  They were always a phone call or email away, and customized instructions for our exhibitors to upload content.  In addition, they were there to collaborate with us on our ideas, as well as provide best practices to put the finishing touches on our final product.  Bulb Digital Portfolio has been an excellent companion in building our CCMR Virtual Fair.” – Eva LeBlanc | Coordinator of Business & Industry

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