helps learners learn, teachers teach, and livers live.

bulb shows who your students are and how they think better than any GPA or SAT ever could. It brings out your students’ best thinking, gets them involved with discovery, and gives them fresh ways to express themselves.

believes “multimedia teaching” should be waaaaay easier than it sounds.

is like putting all your work in perfectly organized three-ring binders. With video.
And photography. On the internet.


is the great platform for great work

gives you reasons to love bulb.

Unlimited storage.

With bulb+, there’s room for all your work & works in progress.

Satisfying organization.

From one person to the world, you decide who sees your content.

Beautifully simple.

Step 1: Make an account. Step 2: Create. It’s that easy.

No coding required.

Avoid the fuss & fight
of creating a website.

Embed everything.

Spreadsheets, docs, videos…you name it. We embed it.

Resources for days.

Enjoy a world of templates at your fingertips.

puts your work smack dab in the middle of your resume.

fully respects the need for administrators to administrate.

makes the apps you use even better.

is trying not to say “told you so” as standardized testing is losing its importance.

would like to thank Mr Lester of Downers Grove North High School.

works in 68 of the best school districts.

considers every student a unique gift to the universe.

did some comparison shopping and realized it underpriced itself


For individuals who want to start a portfolio.


Get the basics, free


For professionals & students looking to show their smarts without limits.


All standard features, plus

for Educators

The standard in education digital portfolios.


All standard features, plus

  for Districts & Schools

For classes, schools, and districts using bulb.


*around $3/year per user

works in 50 states and 126 countries.

got to help host a virtual job fair.


will make your students shine.

Every student has greatness trying to get out. It just won’t always get out on a standardized test. bulb is the way you can be more learner-focused, and give students a platform to share their authentic selves. They can show what they know, and learn more along the way.

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