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May 12, 2020

Lesson planning with bulb: from design to evaluation

Creating lesson plans for remote learning has been overwhelming for all educators, no matter how experienced they are with remote learning tools. For our first May webinar, we invited Mary Kemper, Director of Mathematics for Coppell ISD in Texas, to teach us how to create successful remote learning lesson plans. While Mary focuses on Math examples, her concepts easily translate to any subject.

Since March, Mary has used bulb Digital Portfolios to design and implement lessons for K-12 educators across Coppell ISD. Mary uses bulb as the platform for bringing a student’s learning together. It’s more than creating a digital scrapbook for the educators at Coppell, it’s collecting individual artifacts (as opposed to cookie-cutter artifacts) to demonstrate a student’s process and to show their growth over time.

In this 60-minute webinar Mary:

  • Shows her process for creating lessons within bulb. How she focuses on creating templates that teachers can easily interpret what she’s thinking and then can edit the content to match their students’ skill levels. 
  • Shares her tips & tricks for lesson creation. For example, not starting with a blank document, or searching the internet for videos or apps to replace educators, rather starting with defining the purpose of the lesson (from the educator and student perspectives).
  • Discusses how to navigate the biggest challenge of remote learning: understanding how students are arriving at their final answers. She offers suggestions and best practices for helping students collect artifacts, and how to create an environment that fosters inquiry and discovery.
  • Recommends resources to use for reflection prompts, looking for common misconceptions in student work (and how to address them in a positive, teachable way), and simple solutions to make your content your own.

Additional resources from the webinar:

For Reading & Writing, Art, Science, Technology, and Social Studies lesson examples, visit bulb’s Resource Center.

Explore the Resource Center for more helpful resources. Or contact us to set up a demo. 

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