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April 06, 2020

Teacher & Student View: Using Digital Portfolios for Remote Learning

bulb Digital Portfolios sat down with CAST Tech High School teacher Belinda Medellin (2020 Secondary Texas Teacher of the Year for Region 20) and two of Belinda’s UX Design students, Payton (9th Grader) and Li (10th Grader), to understand how they’re using bulb Digital Portfolios for remote learning.

San Antonio’s CAST Tech High School has been using bulb for the past 3 years. Students at CAST tech are required to create a digital portfolio documenting school projects in order to apply to internships during their senior year. This requirement uniquely benefited CAST Tech, giving them the ability to easily implement a remote learning plan for COVID-19 school closures.

Districts all over the country are quickly pivoting to remote learning, with digital portfolios as the cornerstone of their plans. Belinda and her students demonstrate how schools can quickly and easily implement a successful plan for teachers and students using bulb Digital Portfolios.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn how:

  • bulb seamlessly integrates with LMSs (CAST Tech uses Google Classroom) giving teachers the ability to assign and grade student work without inundating the LMS. This also provides teachers with the opportunity to give students valuable direct feedback
  • bulb helps teachers teach new concepts and clearly communicate with their students about assignments, expectations, and office hours
  • bulb documents student learning; it shows more than the final answer, it clearly demonstrates a student’s process
  • bulb gives students a platform to complete projects in the way they feel most confident; audio, video, visuals, writing

To view more examples of how CAST Tech teachers and students are using bulb Digital Portfolios for remote learning, visit CASA@CAST’s bulb page.

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