bulb’s Share Panel Gets a Refresh

As our users know, bulb strives to provide a simple, beautiful, and powerful platform. The ability to share what you make is at the core of how users showcase their work with bulb, which in turn drives our product innovations and evolution.

Thanks to great customer feedback, the bulb team has been able to improve our Share Panel, now making it clearer and easier to share pages and collections. The functionality of sharing to select audiences (through groups, private share links, the public, etc.) still remains the same.

An image of bulb's new Share Panel, showing the Just Me, Custom, and Public sharing options.

As of now, all bulb users will see the following options reflected in the Share Panel in their bulb account:

  1. Just Me = a page/collection is private or an unpublished draft
  2. Custom = a page/collection is shared to an individual, group, or private share link
  3. Public = a page/collection is publicly shared with everyone

Additional Updates

On top of updates to the Share Panel, bulb has made a few more user-friendly changes to the way we do things.

An image of a bulb collection, showing a clearly visible Share button at the top of the collection.


Got questions? Comments? Need help navigating your bulb account? Check out our help center resources for quick fixes or to contact customer care for further assistance.

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