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October 23, 2019

How to Create a Resume in a Digital Portfolio

Your resume is closely competing with another person’s. They’re being examined side by side. And the smallest detail could make the biggest difference. Unless you have a digital portfolio from the start, how are you going to stand out by far?

A portfolio gives depth to your knowledge and ensures you present your absolute best every single time.  We like to call a digital portfolio the ultimate resume. Here’s how you can create one. 

Let’s meet William Robinson III. We’ll be using his professional portfolio as an example for building yours.

That’s only one way you can organize a professional portfolio. There’s a million others if you let your creativity run.

You have the chance to say everything you want with a digital portfolio. There is no page limit. Give a quick overview to potential employers. If they want to know more about you, they can instantly dive into multiple layers of your portfolio.

We have our favorite projects. A “Journey through the Roman Empire” is William’s. He displays his experience with image carousels, a spreadsheet of his responsibilities and tasks and background information on the project making sure to include every important detail.

This last part is the best part about a digital portfolio – it shows deeper insight into who you really are. Your future employers, or anyone viewing your portfolio, can discover passions and moments that have shaped you. Because let’s face it, the best competitive advantage is being yourself. 

Take a look at how William’s added a personal touch to his portfolio. Then, you’re ready to try it for yourself.

Explore the Resource Center for more helpful resources. Or contact us to set up a demo. 

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