Professional Development
May 16, 2019

Free Professional Development Template for Teachers

Summer is the time when educators really get their game face on. It’s when you make the big shift from being the coach to being the player. After serving students year long, summer is about investing in yourself—sharpening your skills, giving your just-crazy-enough-to-work ideas some legs and maybe even dreaming a bit.

It’s about getting back in the game of personal and professional investment—getting the ball rolling on initiatives you’ve wanted to implement but haven’t yet had the time to and putting some serious thinking behind what you want to learn over summer break.

That’s where we can help.

We teamed up with Brianna Hodges, 2017 Texas EdTech of the Year and National Advisor for Future Ready Instructional Coaches, to create a summer game plan that is sure to make all of your professional learning efforts a slam dunk.

You can start by duplicating this bulb template collection to your portfolio. It’s a flexible, great guide to documenting what you learn at any conference—before, during and after.

Why? Conferences are a staple of professional learning. While these take on many forms—in-district, edcamp, international, virtual, content-specific, etc.—the basic premise is the same: convey the information you have learned.

There’s no shortage of information and our capacity for managing this information is challenging—which is why this template will help you to:

  • Proactively plan for attending a conference in order to get the most learning opportunities from it.
  • Give insight into the challenges of cognitive overload and the benefits of documenting notes, reflection and evidence of learning experiences.
  • Intensify goal-setting, purposeful learning, evidence of experiments, reflection and growth.

You can discover and duplicate the PD game plan template here.

Learning really is better with a portfolio—so go ahead, document those moves and make some memories!

Explore the Resource Center for more helpful resources. Or contact us to set up a demo. 

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