August 7, 2020

Using bulb to Help Educators Measure & Demonstrate Their Impact

Using bulb to Help Educators Measure & Demonstrate Their Impact


Learn how Dr. Rogers implemented a coaching program using bulb Digital Portfolios with her teacher coaches Houston ISD to measure & demonstrate how they’ve grown as a team.

With bulb, Dr. Rogers…

  • has her teacher coaching team document learning & growth throughout the school year
  • measures teacher effectiveness & changes on each campus throughout Houston ISD
  • documents her team’s impact by teacher & school
  • uses bulb as reflective practice model, helping her coaches & teachers be thoughtful about their professional development
  • grows coaches, which impacts the growth of teachers, which helps develop students in dynamic ways
  • keeps her team & teachers accountable by documenting their work & problem solving in bulb
  • document visions, goals & evidence for end of year reviews & evaluations
  • gives direct, immediate feedback to teacher coaches through bulb’s in-line commenting feature

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