Remote Learning

Digital portfolios for remote learning.

bulb helps educators, parents & students maximize distance & blended learning.

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Make learning
meaningful at home.

Your LMS is a place to manage the learning. Digital portfolios for remote learning are where you see & engage in the entire learning process. Personalize lessons, give direct feedback, interact with students, measure competency beyond tests—yes, all from home.

Remote Learning Admin User Interface

Easy to use.
Simple to onboard.

bulb was built for everyone. So it's easy to use, and our dedicated team can get your school or district onboarded in a flash. 

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Stay connected
from any device, anywhere.

bulb helps educators & students close the virtual learning gap, allowing them to stay connected from any device, any time, anywhere.

See what remote teaching portfolios looks like.

A classroom in San Antonio, Texas quickly adapted to the new remote learning environment, successfully implementing project-based & personalized learning from home using bulb. Take a look at their story to get a practical idea of how to use bulb for remote learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, bulb seamlessly integrates with Google Classroom. All you have to do is click the Google Classroom icon to share, and follow the simple steps provided. Click here to see an infographic of how it works.

You don't need an LMS or a Google Classroom to use bulb with your students. Create classes and groups, share work with specific people, and collaborate directly on the app. Learn more here. 

Whether you want to create, use, or share a template, it takes three easy clicks.

Here's a visual of how it's done.  

bulb can be used with over 1,900 apps from Flipgrid, Adobe, Padlet, Nearpod, and more.

Check out this collection to see how bulb works with each of them.

Here's a help page that will walk your students through each of the steps, from signing up to publishing an assignment.

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