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The Peddie School Engages in Social Emotional Growth with bulb

bulb Digital Portfolios recently partnered with the renowned Peddie School in N.J. to provide a platform to support the social emotional growth of their students. bulb’s digital portfolio construct and template features offer an excellent opportunity for students to document and share their academic and personal reflections. The bulb team is thrilled to be working with the esteemed faculty and students of Peddie.

The Peddie school

Founded in 1864, The Peddie School is a private, independent, coeducational boarding and day school for grades 9-12 and postgraduate located in Highstown, N.J. Peddie is one of the most highly regarded private schools in the nation, receiving regular acclimation from online publications. Students participate in robust academics, arts, and athletics programs designed to cultivate personal growth and independent-mindedness. Countless alumni have gone on to attend prestigious universities and pursue meaningful careers, a testament to the excellence of a Peddie School education.


Peddie was in search of a unique way for students to reflect on personal experiences and educational moments that would otherwise go unrecognized in student records. Their goal was to develop a safe-space that would help students develop strong reflection skills in a way that allowed students to be unencumbered by grades but also wouldn’t add any unfair burdens to the teachers or alter the structure of the schools set curriculum.

This year at Peddie, ninth graders are participating in a reflection portfolio project, utilizing bulb as the platform. These digital portfolios of reflections, both spontaneous and assigned, hope to capture significant experiential and educational moments that occur throughout our community.

-Emily Miller, Director of Academic Technology


The Peddie School partnered with bulb Digital Portfolios and recently initiated a 9th Grade Portfolio Project. This project encourages incoming freshmen to collect and organize experiences throughout their first year at the school. bulb provides a space that students can capture and store written, visual, and auditory reflections of their freshman year.

Key members of leadership were selected to create resource collections of journal prompts that students would be able to access through a publicly shared bulb Portfolio and copy into their own accounts using bulb’s template feature. This library of prompts was designed as a model to guide the creation of collections, naming conventions, and page organization within the student’s writing portfolios. The team at bulb coordinated with those key leaders to provide guidance and support to ensure this approach was successful.

To support the teachers involved with the project, Peddie set up structured advisory periods so that teachers would not be required to set aside class time to allow students the opportunity to journal about their 9th grade experiences in bulb. While the teachers will take on the important role of monitoring and guiding students during their reflection time, they are not charged with collecting or grading any of the completed prompts.

Within the areas of Athletics, Community Life, Arts Foundations, Humanities, and Residential Life, freshmen will capture and store written, visual and auditory reflections of their year. In addition, they are encouraged to create their own reflections on activities and experiences they find meaningful and potentially memorable. We hope that students will be able to permanently capture and reflect on the many ways that they demonstrate growth outside of the classroom, as grades serve to capture what happens inside the classroom.

-Leigh Wood, Advisory Coordinator


Peddie’s 9th grade portfolio project is underway, providing students and educators with a dynamic framework for academic and personal reflection. Additionally, teachers at the Peddie school were provided personal bulb accounts that can be used to develop activities, create learning opportunities, and showcase their own skills and growth as educators. Administrators and leaders continue to lend their support in monitoring and creating prompts. The ongoing 9th Grade Portfolio Project at The Peddie School serves as an example of the amazing opportunities afforded to students when leadership, classroom educators, and technology partners share responsibility and work together toward a collective goal to support student needs.

We arrived at bulb as a platform because among other features, bulb’s easy to use web-based interface and permission structure make us confident that students have a safe, feature-rich space to capture and reflect upon their experiences.

-Leigh Wood and Emily Miller

bulb is used by students and educators to create, curate and showcase their passions, growth and best school work. bulb Digital Portfolios started as a tool for students to show they’re more than a test score. As the product has grown, it has turned into a global hub where students, professionals, and individuals showcase their skills through beautiful, multimedia content on an incredibly easy-to-use platform.

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