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The Uruguayan American School Uses bulb to Showcase Student Work in Innovation Fair

The Uruguayan American School in Montevideo, Uruguay is partnering with bulb Digital Portfolios to provide their students with a platform to display and share their work across a multitude of subjects. bulb’s easily editable portfolio layout and extensive support of embedded media offers an unmatched opportunity for students at UAS to document, organize, and creatively show their work. The team at bulb is excited to see how the students and faculty utilize bulb to enrich their educational experience.

The Uruguayan American School

The Uruguayan American School is an international, private American school in Carrasco, Montevideo founded by Uruguayan and U.S. citizens. As a way to promote an intercultural understanding between Uruguay and the United States, UAS includes programs from both countries and also uses the International Baccalaureate program in grades 11 & 12. The Pre-K – Grade 12 school has over 35 nationalities represented in the student body and is continuing to expand each year.


The Uruguayan American School is aiming to improve their students’ ability to collect and display information for projects. Students at UAS require the ability to upload multimedia content–such as audio and video–while still exhibiting the information in a neat structure. Their goal was to find a well-rounded, easy to use platform that allowed students of all ages to document their multi-subject school work while also integrating project interaction.


Where other platforms fell short, bulb is able to provide all of the necessary requirements for UAS and has been a beneficial platform to support cross-curricular projects. Students can add clarity and structure to their projects by adding audio and video using bulb’s simple editor

When presenting their work, UAS students attach QR codes to their bulb pages that can be scanned in order to access relevant content. Parents and peers observing the student presentations can easily scan the QR code to interact with the documentation. This method is utilized for students at UAS presenting multiple subjects as well as students of all ages within the Art Department to achieve an immersive experience.

The Uruguayan American School’s partnership with bulb continues to flourish as their usage of the platform expands to a number of subjects across many grades. To support younger students using bulb at UAS, older students and teachers who are familiar with bulb collect and create the content for the younger students so that they have a tangible end product to show their parents and keep forever.


In the last academic year, bulb housed the Innovation Fair content. Many UAS students participated and it was an impressive opportunity where students wrote up their experiences and enjoyed being able to add audio, video, and other multimedia content that other platforms had not allowed as easily. The Art Department at UAS also participated in the creation of an Art Show that featured multiple student artists and explored different ideas. bulb usage throughout UAS has expanded to more students in multiple grades, and UAS is excited that their students’ portfolios will grow and go with their students as they journey through the rest of school.

bulb is used by students and educators to create, curate and showcase their passions, growth and best school work. bulb Digital Portfolios started as a tool for students to show they’re more than a test score. As the product has grown, it has turned into a global hub where students, professionals, and individuals showcase their skills through beautiful, multimedia content on an incredibly easy-to-use platform.

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