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Viewpoint STEM Scholars Program Showcases Student Projects with bulb

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The Viewpoint School is an independent school located in Calabasas, California and enrolls students in grades K-12. The philosophy at Viewpoint is that technology should support and enhance an inspired and engaging learning environment. Viewpoint School is partnering with bulb Digital Portfolios to provide their students with a platform to showcase their work especially those in the STEM Scholars program.

The STEM teachers at Viewpoint have found bulb to be an ideal tool for Viewpoint students pursuing our STEM Scholars program. These Scholars are students who have a real passion for science, technology, engineering,  and math, and who therefore engage in an array of classes, clubs, activities, and experiences. Using bulb, the students are able to document their studies, reflect on their learning, and receive recognition.

stem scholars program

STEM education encompasses the process of critical thinking, analysis, and collaboration in which learners integrate concepts and applications of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Recognizing the core strength of Viewpoint’s curricula, program, and faculty in the STEM disciplines, Viewpoint STEM Scholars is a program that aims to:

  • Foster critical thinking and analytical skills that promote problem solving
  • Recognize student commitment and passion for applying STEM skills
  • Actively link Viewpoint students into STEM in the world around them
  • Encourage lifelong learning and the application of STEM fields across disciplines

Students in Grades 10 and up can apply to become STEM Scholars. Students who successfully complete the requirement for STEM Scholars will receive a formal distinction on their high school transcript.

Last year was our first class of Viewpoint STEM Scholars, and those students created impressive bulb portfolios. This year’s senior class had the benefit of seeing their predecessors’ portfolios, so they got inspiration from the projects, and also gained insights into how they wanted to document their own journeys. In my role helping with the digital portfolios, I can’t think of a better way for our STEM Scholars to showcase their accomplishments than through bulb portfolios.

-Gayle Cole, Director of Digital Learning


Students at Viewpoint are using bulb’s Digital Portfolio platform to showcase their work during their time in the STEM Scholars program. The regimented schedule and requirements established in the program introduces an impressive opportunity for the students to utilize their bulb portfolio or organization and reflection. bulb’s simple portfolio layout provides a space for STEM students to reflect on shadowing experiences and interviews, write about projects they’re working on, and showcase their course lists.

bulb is used by students and educators to create, curate and showcase their passions, growth and best school work. bulb Digital Portfolios started as a tool for students to show they’re more than a test score. As the product has grown, it has turned into a global hub where students, professionals, and individuals showcase their skills through beautiful, multimedia content on an incredibly easy-to-use platform.

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