You are more
than a test score.

A test can’t capture everything you know. What about your hidden talents, passions & creativity? Colleges & careers want to see that. That’s why you need a place like a digital portfolio to express yourself. Your story wants to be heard.


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Digital portfolios

Why students love bulb

  • Complete assignments with audio
  • Explain your process with video
  • Add images or carousels to reports
  • Journal about cool experiences
  • Document books you've read
  • Introduce yourself to the class
  • Teach your classmates something new
  • Talk about your passions
  • Create a digital resume
  • Create a dynamic college application

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3 easy ways
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Start from scratch or with a template. We picked 3 to get you started. Our Resource Center has hundreds of ready-made templates for you to choose from.

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