Why bulb is a Great Alternative to Weebly

It’s official, Weebly has been acquired by Squarespace and teachers around the world are left wondering what to do next for their digital needs.

Thankfully, there are great alternatives out there that can provide educators, students, and entire school districts with powerful digital tools to enhance online learning.

bulb Digital Portfolios is a true portfolio platform—not merely a repurposed blogging platform—here to ease the transition to a new online space.

Create templates, share them with your groups, solicit submissions, provide feedback, and so much more with bulb Digital Portfolios.

Educators can sign up for free bulb+ accounts, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

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No assembly required

Hundreds of pre-built templates and exemplars to create more interactive projects for your courses.

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A lifetime tool

bulb accounts are for life. Your students take all of their projects with them to showcase their skills, apply for internships, college applications and more.

Show, don’t tell

bulb makes it easy to demonstrate technical knowledge with artifacts of learning like images, videos, audio and other media.

What is bulb? Watch this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital portfolios can be powerful tools, in and outside of the classroom. A bulb digital portfolio allows students to 

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills with multimedia- video, audio, images
  • Demonstrate growth of technical skill competencies over time
  • Evaluate their own strength and weaknesses in technical skill proficiencies
  • Collect representative work samples and showcase them in a professional manner
  • Explore the core questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to do with my life?
  • Showcase their uniqueness and give them an advantage when applying to college, programs, scholarships, & internships. 

It's easy. 

1) Sign up for a free bulb account today and start creating your digital portfolio. 

2) We will email you self-directed resources to get you started.

3) You can also join one of our group webinars to learn how to use bulb in your classroom.

bulb is the place for students and teachers to complete assignments, take notes, receive feedback, and showcase their best work. This simple, powerful, easy to use tool gives teachers and students the platform to creatively express themselves over a lifetime.

A digital portfolio gets at the heart of learning and helps anyone express the core questions: Who am I? How do I learn? What do I know?

  • All standard features
  • Publish up to 10 portfolio pages
  • Upload up to 2GB of content
  • All standard features
  • Publish unlimited portfolio pages
  • Unlimited content storage
  • Google Classroom integrations

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