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February 10, 2020

7 Reasons Students Need a Digital Portfolio

Every student needs a digital portfolio. It most accurately represents the student’s individuality and skills for academic and professional opportunities. The benefits of a digital portfolio are vast; from helping students get the job, or developing a deep love of learning. Here are the top seven reasons every student needs a digital portfolio.


7. See growth overtime.

Keeping your work in one place allows you to see growth over time. Seeing growth helps students realize where they began. It’s inspiring to see skills improving over time. This motivates students to put more effort into improving their skills and deepening their learning. A great example of this is this article where an “Artist Shows His Progress From 2 Years Old To 28” (photos included in the link).

6. Tell a student’s story beyond GPA.

What exactly does GPA measure—good study habits, strong test-taking skills and on-time completion of assignments? A high GPA is rewarding, but the fact will always be that GPA is a number. Numbers can’t express individuality, passions and skills like a digital portfolio can. Numbers are unfavorable to students that are poor test takers or who don’t perform well in structured environments Unlike GPAs, digital portfolios are capable of telling a student’s whole story.

5. Identify learning methods.

Traditionally, students are not taught in a classroom setting how to identify their learning style. It takes time and consistent effort and resources to discover how a student learns best. Digital portfolios provide students with the tools to explore their learning preferences. Being able to work with any type of media gives the student options in displaying their work, and helps the educator identify more productive ways to teach the individual student. This article goes more into detail about why “It’s Worth Taking The Time to Figure It Out”.


4. Focus on the learning process.

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“Some information changes over time but the ability to learn lasts forever. That’s why we need to focus more of our time on the process of learning, not just the product.”

Learning with digital portfolios helps students capture and reflect on their process, which:

  • Allows students to explain their thinking, find ways to improve, and come up with new ways to solve problems.
  • Helps identify strengths and weaknesses, refine skills, and find a career the student can be passionate about.
  • “Fosters a growth mindset, creates a student-centered environment and reduces stress for students”
    (Focus on the Process and Results Will Follow).


3. Leave school with a lifetime tool.

When students consistently use digital portfolios over the course of their learning, they graduate with more than a transcript. Research shows that student engagement increases by 33% when digital portfolios are used in a classroom. A more engaged student means better retention of the materials covered. Students are also building a practical tool that can be used to apply for internships, jobs and educational opportunities.

2. Build critical skills for a career.

Using a digital portfolio requires skills that are needed in the workforce. Behind the creation of e-portfolios lie skills of ordering, planning, selecting, synthesizing, discussing, reflecting, and designing content to present to different audiences. While developing this content, learners may also give and receive feedback and will almost certainly improve their digital capability (What Is Digital Capability?).

1. Digital portfolios are the new resume.

“Here’s What Employers Are Looking at When They Google You”: an online portfolio. Today’s students need a digital portfolio. Not only are modern demands in education and the workforce moving students towards creating digital portfolios, a resume that’s accompanied by an ePortfolio also helps students:

  • Stand out from the competition
  • Establish an online presence beyond a social media
  • Shows individuality and professionalism
  • Provides evidence of accomplishments and skills

Employers want to see proof of the skills on resumes, as well as individuality.

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“Resumes are a point in time and not reflective of the human.”

It’s no wonder “57% of employers are less likely to interview a candidate they can’t find online,” A resume is not enough. A digital presence is needed.

Digital portfolios are not only the foundation of a student’s continuing education and employability but an integral component of classroom instruction, right here and right now.

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