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bulb is an online digital resume platform that lets you beautifully showcase your abilities, experiences, and what makes you unique. We’re based in Lafayette, CO and serve educators, students, and professionals all across the globe.

     Everyone should have an easy and accessible means to show who they are and what they’re great at; that’s what bulb is all about. Paper and PDF resumes are outdated, and portfolio websites are overpriced and overcomplicated. You’re better than that. A digital portfolio is the best way to show your value and land new opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a career, an internship, admission to a college, or something else, demonstrating proof of competency with a clear and succinct digital portfolio will make you stand out from the competition.

     Create eye-catching multimedia pages with our easy-to-use page editor, capable of embedding all sorts of media. Use our intuitive content management to arrange your pages into collections and sub-collections, so your work is neat and easy to navigate. Make a page about your internship, make a collection about your education experience, make a digital resume about your various jobs and skills; anything and everything you’d like to share you can share with bulb.