About bulb

Your very own space to collect and showcase your work, learning and passions. bulb helps you get the job, get the grade, and show the world who you are.

bulb is a Workspace

bulb is a place to easily create, gather, curate and build content. It is a digital studio where anyone can assemble any type of content.

bulb is a Gallery

bulb is about showcasing your work to any size audience: a person, a group or the whole world. bulb provides control over who can see what you’ve created.


Our Story

bulb Digital Portfolios started as a platform for students to show they’re more than a test score; it still is the simplest digital formative assessment tool on the market. And as the product has grown, bulb has turned into a global hub where users showcase their skills through beautiful, multimedia content on an incredibly easy-to-use platform.

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Over 1.5 million bulb pages have been published in all 50 states & 110 countries.

Meet the Team

David Anderson

Sr. Software Architect

Kristina Berg 

Customer Care Associate 

Justin Bergen

Lead Mobile Developer 

Nick Bonorden

Integration Engineer

Sean Bonorden

Jr. Developer

Jared Bottelsen

Technical Support Agent

Bob Bush


Andrew Cary

SVP Strategy & Partnerships

Shane Cowherd

IOS Developer

Michelle Diaz

Director, Marketing & Partnership Engagement

Heather Felton

Finance & HR Manager

Gina Gladys 

Ed Tech Solutions Specialist 

Eric Goldreyer


Allison Gosney

Strategic Partnerships Representative 

Corey Gray

VP, Customer Success

Rabs Hughey


Bria Jones

Director of Customer Care

Jeremy Kaffrey

Software Developer 

Chelsea Kasen

Director of Content & Strategy

Jason Kramer

Senior Software Developer

Tyrus Malmstorm

Software Developer

Tyler McBrayer


Belinda Medellin

Ed Tech Solutions Specialist 

Steve Miller

VP of Digital Marketing 

Jess Morris

Jr. Software 

Sam JK Neal

Customer Success Manager

Aimee Pavelock

Ed Tech Solutions Specialist

Casandra Perez

Digital Markeitng & Events Coordinator

Wayne Peterson

Business Systems Manager

Christina Petrik 

Customer Success Manager

Erik Petrik 


Kate Petrik 

Jr. Creative Director

Zack Petrik 

Product Manager

Bryan Roberts

Customer Care – Technical 

Caitlin Rodgers

Customer Care Associate

Jon Scanlan

International Sales

Zach Smith 

Ed Tech Solutions Specialist 

Brian Timm

Customer Success Manager

Jake Turney 

Graphic Designer 

Mary Wendel

Quality Assurance

Scott Willingham

Chief Revenue Officer

Rosilynn Yoon

Content & Social Coordinator

Sanakee Xiong

Jr. QA Specialist & Care Liasison

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