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bulb gets to the heart of learning and helps students express: Who am I? How do I learn? What do I know?

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Just type, drag, and drop, to start creating your digital portfolio.

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Custom Share Settings.

You choose who can view each page and collection on your profile.

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Goes With You.

Update your portfolio from anywhere at anytime from any device.

LMS & App Integrations.

Integrate bulb with Clever, Classlink, Schoology, Canvas, and more.

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FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR compliant – you data is safe with us.

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Create template pages and share them with your class using groups.

Resources for days.

Enjoy a world of templates at your fingertips.

Embed everything.

Spreadsheets, docs, videos…you name it. We embed it.

How can bulb help me?

Digital portfolios are a powerful tool that can be used for countless applications. No matter where you want to go in life, bulb can help you get there.

Use bulb as a space to set goals, capture growth, and keep a living library of classwork. Then, use your portfolios to demonstrate expertise, soft skills, and achievements when applying for internships and colleges.

Use bulb as an online platform to share materials, organize lesson plans, and create templates for students. Utilize features like assignments, groups, and the admin dashboard to provide structure and streamline your classroom experience.

bulb can be used as a journal, blog, digital photo album, and more. Write about goals and track your growth over time. Create a thought piece on something that you’re passionate about. Share photos and videos from your last vacation. Plus, use bulb’s custom share setting to decide who can view your content.

Catalog work, skills, and experience to help land new opportunities. Showcase expertise and achievements to help nail a job interview, or show off career highlights to advocate for a raise or promotion.

Add bulb to your company resources for employees to pursue professional development, reflect on their job performance, and track milestones. Supporting your team members’ growth and encouraging them to self-evaluate helps to improve company culture, leading to better personal initiative, productivity, and longevity.

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