Digital portfolios are the new resume.

Your bulb digital portfolio has the power to dynamically showcase your experiences & skills way beyond a traditional resume, so you get the job, client, or promotion.

Stand out. Get hired.

Your multimedia resume brings your skills to life using audio, video, images, interactive spreadsheets, documents & more. Stand out from applicants who only have a written resume & cover letter to land your dream job.

Show the world
what you know.

Choose who gets to see your portfolio & instantly share your work with one click.Easily flip back & forth from creating, editing & presenting. No technical skills are required. It’s way easier & cheaper than a website too.

Tell your story, your way.

Your digital portfolio gives employers a wholistic view of who you are & what you can do.

5 Differences
between a resume
& digital portfolio.

Get an in depth explanation of what makes a digital portfolio different than a resume, & why digital portfolios build your competitive edge. Read our blog post for five reasons & examples.

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