Students Use Digital Portfolios to Build Career Paths

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Explore student portfolio examples.

Students Use Digital Portfolios to Build Career Paths


Digital portfolios are one of the best places for career exploration and execution. It’s no wonder they’re required for all CTE students by the Federal Perkins guidelines. Though digital portfolios should be required for all students in general. 

It’s difficult to determine a career path, especially with an increasing amount of occupations. Starting a digital portfolio early in an academic career uncovers passions, talents, skills—and most importantly, direction. 

Take a look at a few bulb digital portfolio examples from CTE students, who successfully differentiate themselves to land a job in some of today’s most competitive industries.

Culinary Arts

Darrell Walker uses his bulb to plan his career. To have the best representation of himself, he’s added: 

  • A personalized voice introduction. 
  • Annotated maps to demonstrate detail and research abilities. 
  • Thoughtful and thorough answers to the frequently asked interview questions.
Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communication.

This student uses bulb to express their aesthetic and passion for art. You’ll find:

  • Compilations of art inspiration as a unique way to get to know the student.
  • Resources in one designated place to access for any project at anytime.
  • The evolution of their career as a creative.
Marketing & Sales.

Keith McBrayer uses a website and bulb to practice business. His website showcases his products. His bulb showcases his abilities, perhaps to an investor someday. He uses the platform to: 

  • Embed interactive presentations and spreadsheets. 
  • Practice the set up and structure of a business plan. 
  • Demonstrate both his creative and analytical side.
Trebuchet project

No matter the career field, we know the importance of process and outline for outcome. bulb acknowledges that in its design. And teachers are capable of mimicking practical job skills and applications when creating their projects.

Like this trebuchet example⁠—which shows every step of the process from the design to the final report.

But any project can follow the above outline. In fact, we already made the template for you. Get creative; build a project for the upcoming year.

With so many possibilities and opportunities on bulb, how will your students thrive with bulb digital portfolios? 

Explore the Resource Library for more helpful resources. Or contact us to set up a demo. 

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