Why You Need a Digital Resume—Even If You’re Not Job Searching

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We’ve seen rapid changes over the past few years in the workplace, especially in the wake of the pandemic, but nothing has had as big of an impact on the job market as technology. The way we work and apply for jobs has changed dramatically, thanks to computers and smartphones that give us access to unlimited tools and information at our fingertips. So it makes sense that your resume would be digitized, too.


Let’s explore some of the main ways that a digital resume can help you land the job you want, faster.

Digital resumes are easier to update

A digital resume is much easier to update than your traditional paper or PDF resume, which is an important consideration for people who are frequently changing jobs or who want to showcase their most recent accomplishments as they happen.

If you’ve taken on a new responsibility at work, you can add it to your digital resume in minutes. If you’ve been promoted or received a high-profile award, the same applies, and it’s just as easy for you and your potential employer to see how much value your skills have added since the last time they looked at your resume.

Additionally, a living digital resume can be updated at any time without the need to print out a new copy or share a new link. To keep a static paper or PDF resume up to date you must constantly revise and remake it, and there’s no way to update obsolete versions that you’ve already shared.

Showcase your skills & achievements in a more authentic way

Digital Profile Example

You can add your latest achievements and skills to your digital resume in just minutes along with notes on how you’ve used them. You can then demonstrate those skills by sharing links to your best projects or uploading a short video or audio clip as evidence. If you’re using a bulb Digital Resume, you can even do all of that natively within the app. Just create a page or collection about your latest accomplishment, then tell the world about your skills using text, audio, video, and images that make your work come to life.

Consider adding a quick video introduction specifically tailored to the role and/or organization in question to really make yourself stand out. Small touches like this can put you miles ahead of the competition and leave a lasting impression on recruiters and hiring managers.

The best thing about a digital resume is that they make it easy for employers to see what makes you uniquely qualified without having to dig through old projects or portfolio pieces that are scattered across the web (which they probably won’t do). It puts all of your best work right at their fingertips, meaning that they can spend less time searching and more time getting to know you and your work!

Always on hand

There are many benefits to keeping a digital copy of your resume. First, it’s always with you—you don’t have to worry about leaving it at home or in the car if you need to bring it along with you to an interview.

Second, it can be accessed from anywhere: when applying for jobs online and through job boards, but also when talking with recruiters or potential employers over the phone or Zoom calls. You can even include a QR code or link to your digital resume on your business card!

And third, a digital resume is not limited by size, unlike a traditional paper one. I mean really, can all of your greatest accomplishments and experiences can be adequately summed up in just one or two pages? With a digital resume, there are no worries about having enough space on hand or how your formatting may be working against you.

If any of these pain points sound familiar, then take advantage of a simple, beautiful bulb Digital Resume today.

Easily accessible for recruiters and hiring managers

A digital resume is easy to access, especially on a mobile device. This can help you get your resume in front of more hiring managers and recruiters without having to upload your up-to-date PDF resume to every virtual job board website. With a bulb Digital Resume, your resume link is permanent, so updating your digital resume means your shareable link is automatically updated across the web, instantly.

In addition, digital resumes are easy to share with others: You can send out an email or direct message with a link to your digital resume, instead of having to attach it as a downloadable PDF file. This allows recipients—whether they’re recruiters or managers—to view your information more quickly and conveniently compared to applicants without a digital resume.

Prove that you are more than a resume

If you’re applying for a job, this is doubly important—your cover letter and interview will likely be the only aspects of your application that the hiring manager sees before meeting you in person. The best way to stand out from other applicants is by showing your personality in these documents and, more importantly, in a stellar digital resume + portfolio.

Your digital resume is a great opportunity to show off your skills, abilities, and achievements. It also provides insight into your personality and soft skills—the crucial qualities of a good employee that can’t be found in a LinkedIn profile or traditional resume.

By linking your bulb Digital Portfolio pieces directly to your natively integrated bulb Digital Resume, you’re setting yourself up to truly wow a recruiter or hiring manager in a way that most other candidates won’t be able to. Imagine how you’ll feel when a hiring manager asks you to give an example of a past project using a certain skill set and you’re able to show them, right then and there, rather than just telling them.

Tailoring for each position is faster and easier

In many ways, a digital resume is a lot like a traditional resume—it tells potential employers about your skills and experience. But, it also allows you to include more details about yourself than is possible in a printed or PDF version.

You can include soft skills (such as self-motivation, interpersonal skills, and communication skills) and achievements, awards, or recognition from previous employers. And by attaching certifications, videos, and audio clips via your digital portfolio, you’ll be able to further illustrate your qualifications for the position.

Bring your resume into the digital age

Digital resumes are the future of the job search and hiring process. These types of resumes give you an opportunity to truly tell your story, and they make it easy for recruiters or hiring managers to get a comprehensive overview of who you are and what you can do.

A bulb Digital Resume helps you stand out from the crowd by showcasing your individuality while also highlighting your various skills and experiences, all of which is backed up by actual proof using your portfolio artifacts. By creating one now, even if it’s not for an immediate position, you’re giving yourself a step up when it’s time to apply again later down the road!

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