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iCEV is leading the way in online CTE curriculum, instructional materials and certification testing. bulb is a leading provider for digital portfolios & resumes in education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A portfolio is a requirement of most CTE courses. A bulb digital portfolio allows students to 

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills with multimedia- video, audio, images
  • Demonstrate growth of technical skill competencies over time
  • Evaluate their own strength and weaknesses in technical skill proficiencies
  • Collect representative work samples and showcase them in a professional manner
  • Explore the core questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What am I meant to do with my life?
  • Showcase their uniqueness and give them an advantage when applying to college, programs, scholarships, & internships. 

Complete this form to connect to a bulb Ed Tech Solution Specialist and receive more information about bulb subscriptions and how bulb + iCEV work together. 

bulb typically costs less than $3 per student/year. Educators, administrators & parent accounts are free. iCEV customers receive a 10% discount in their first year & a professional learning course on how to use bulb.

bulb is the place for students and teachers to complete assignments, take notes, receive feedback, and showcase their best work. This simple, powerful, easy to use tool gives teachers and students the platform to creatively express themselves over a lifetime.

A digital portfolio gets at the heart of learning and helps anyone express the core questions: Who am I? How do I learn? What do I know?

 iCEV has created 2,000+ bulb templates for projects in iCEV curriculum. To utilize these templates, students need a subscription to bulb.  

bulb templates are easily accessible from the iCEV online platform. Under Instructional Materials, find “bulb” listed in the title of the projects. At the bottom of the project PDF a bulb graphic will link directly to the bulb template for that project. Click on USE TEMPLATE to copy the template into your bulb portfolio.

Visit for a preview of the templates.

If students graduate, leave, individuals will be converted to our free platform. As the account is converted to bulb’s free platform, users will receive a limit of 10 additional shared pages and 2GB of storage above what they had already created. This means students keep access to the work they created during the school year and can also edit, share and keep building their portfolios even on bulb’s free platform.

Self-Serve Resources

Getting Started Guide

A quick guide to help you be successful using iCEV templates + bulb.

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Student Portfolio Lesson

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Creating an Account

How to quickly get you and your classroom onboarded and ready to create.

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Explore 2,000+ Templates

Choose from more than 2,000+ pre-built interactive templates for iCEV’s most popular courses.

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Want to make your own template? You can do that in a few easy steps.

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