October 27, 2021

Interview: Chad Wilson from Brownsboro High School

College & Career Readiness, CTE

How Chad Wilson, award winning journalist and educator, uses bulb Digital Portfolios in his classroom.

As bulb Digital Portfolios continues to add new features, like bulb Digital Resumé, educators and students are using their portfolios in more ways than ever before. Chad Wilson, an educator at Brownsboro High School, started using bulb in his classroom when Brownsboro’s CTE director identified the platform as a great match for their portfolio needs. 

Sitting down with bulb for an interview, Chad shared his insights about his and his classroom’s journey with the platform.

Q. Tell us about yourself! What drove you to became a teacher and what’s your teaching philosophy?

A. As a high school student I had no direction for my future. I took a design class my senior year and liked it enough to try graphic design in college. It was fun, but I went to ministry school instead. Out of ministry school I landed a part time job in journalism at a local newspaper. Fast forward 13 years and I held various positions at media companies including editor of a daily newspaper. I found a lot of success in journalism, but something was missing.

I wanted to teach the next generation or journalists and through CTE opportunities was able to become a graphic design and commercial photography teacher at the same school I graduated from.

Q. How are you using bulb in your classroom right now?

A. We use it as a digital portfolio where the student includes a bio collection, a personal interest collection and a collection for the class. We will add resumes and items later to develop it fully for college applications, workforce applications and more. 

Q. What changes have you noticed in your students’ learning experiences since you implemented digital portfolios?

A. When students share their projects with others, or the world, they want to share their best. Having a portfolio encourages students to do their best, instead of just “good enough” for a grade.

"Having a portfolio encourages students to do their best, instead of just “good enough” for a grade."

Q. What kinds of reactions did your students have when you first introduced them to digital portfolios?

A. Many of them find it difficult to navigate the site and land the concept. Some do it with ease due to social media. Those who desire a career in design or photography tend to really love digital portfolios as a place to share their work with others.


Q. What words of wisdom do you have for teachers implementing bulb digital portfolios in their classroom?

A. Give students a clear direction of items needed. It can be overwhelming to navigate the platform at first, but encourage students to explore. Those who understand the importance of digital portfolios can really take advantage of all the tools available.

One of Chad’s star students, Emily Pope, used bulb to showcase her graphic design portfolio and then used it to apply for, and land, a graphic design internship. Now a blossoming professional, Emily’s bulb portfolio is a great place to get inspired and also see Chad’s classroom in action through the work of his students. You can view her portfolio here.

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