bulb Digital Portfolios Launches Next-Generation Resume


bulb adds a powerful new resume feature that brings the best of their portfolio and the resume together into a single, powerful tool.


Lafayette, Colorado – (March 23, 2020) — Today bulb Digital Portfolios launched a new resume feature that allows users to integrate their portfolio of work experience, projects and passions directly into an online resume, showing clear proof of their capabilities and accomplishments. The feature enhances their best-in-class digital portfolio and is immediately available for all users.

“In the age of smartphones and the internet, the traditional resume has remained relatively unchanged for half a century,” said CEO Eric Goldreyer. “We believe it’s time the old-school one-page written resume got a makeover. We designed our resume to allow users to  show actual evidence of their strengths, achievements, and passions versus simply writing about them.”

bulb unlocks opportunities by giving users a straightforward platform for their skills, ideas & achievements to shine. The simple resume builder enables anyone to create and personalize their resume and portfolio without the need to code or host a website like with many online portfolios.

With only 2% of applicants making it past the first round of the job application process, job seekers need new ways to stand out. bulb enables each user to show – versus tell – their unique story by embedding proof of their work right alongside their experience on a resume, which helps differentiate from the traditional PDF or Word Doc resume.

Companies also need better tools to differentiate between whether potential employees are simply “qualified” versus an actual fit within an organization. bulb gives companies the ability to get a more complete picture of potential and existing employees by allowing them to see documented evidence of one’s skills, achievements, and competencies.

bulb’s flagship portfolio product integrates with over 1,000 different applications, including Google Drive, Microsoft, social media platforms, and more. By integrating directly with the portfolio, bulb’s resume feature also enables users to embed their work from those applications. bulb’s simple page editor and embedding tools make it easier than ever  to build out a portfolio of a user’s best work.

“With the events of the past year, the global job market is as competitive as it’s ever been, said Goldreyer. “Whether you’re applying for a job, an internship, or college, everyone is looking for a way to stand out.”

“We believe that bulb resumes will help anyone, no matter what they do, to get a leg up. Our integrated resume & portfolio make it easier than ever before to put your best foot forward in your education, your career, and your life – whether it’s to get the grade, the job, the promotion, or the raise.”

With most of workers’ and student’s work being digital, much of it is left behind when they move onto the next phase of life. With bulb’s living resume, all users get to keep their portfolio and resume for life and take their work with them to their next endeavor.


About bulb Digital Portfolios

bulb is the resume, portfolio & workspace in one that makes it easy for your work, skills & achievements to shine. bulb empowers anyone to get the grade, the job or the promotion. Over 750,000 Students, educators & professionals from around the world use bulb to show what they’re capable of. Start putting your best foot forward for free today at bulbapp.com.



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